David Smith

David Smith

David Smith is sector leader for the public sector and Not for Profit area within Hay Group’s Productized Services. His team provide organisations with robust tools and insights to help them select, retain, reward and develop their employees. David has supported the public sector for over 10 years, working on talent and performance management projects across local government, police and beyond. He has developed and launched new HR software applications and is passionate about how technology can streamline processes in the sector. David is a Business, IT and Management graduate. Contact Email: Tel: +44 020 7856 7049

Author's latest blog articles

Disruptive technologies in people management: HR’s chance to lead the change

Posted by David Smith

I was reading an article recently about the latest set of ‘disruptive technologies’ about to change our world. A disruptive technology or innovation can be defined as “an innovation that creates a new market by applying a different set of values, … Continue reading

Always on: How smartphones have the power to revolutionize the world of work

Posted by David Smith

A couple of years ago we produced some research on the global megatrends likely to affect the world of work in the next 15 years.  One of the six themes centred on our increased ‘digital lifestyle’ and the growing need … Continue reading

Would you recommend your place of work to friends? Social media and its growing importance in the war for talent

Posted by David Smith

Some recent data from Gartner suggests that companies spend around 10 per cent of their annual revenue on marketing activities. Clearly it’s important for companies of all shapes and sizes to invest in design, advertising, content and more.  But do … Continue reading

When it comes to pay and benefits – are we better off working closer to home?

Posted by David Smith

I recently took a trip back to my home town to see my family. I grew up about 7 miles east of Manchester in the borough of Tameside. The industrial revolution had a significant impact on this area with several factories producing … Continue reading

Leading from the front: The business benefits of engaging frontline leaders in people management

Posted by David Smith

I would like to think that everyone in the business truly believes in the power of people to directly impact the working environment and therefore bottom line results. Even the most hardened HR sceptic will want to work with pleasant, … Continue reading

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