David Smith

David Smith

David Smith is sector leader for the public sector and Not for Profit area within Hay Group’s Productized Services. His team provide organisations with robust tools and insights to help them select, retain, reward and develop their employees. David has supported the public sector for over 10 years, working on talent and performance management projects across local government, police and beyond. He has developed and launched new HR software applications and is passionate about how technology can streamline processes in the sector. David is a Business, IT and Management graduate. Contact Email: Tel: +44 020 7856 7049

Author's latest blog articles

The endless possibilities of HR tech

Posted by David Smith

My love for HR tech began, as my career did, in a small office in the outskirts of Manchester in late 1999.  I left university and stumbled into a junior account management role with a small tech firm.  They were … Continue reading

Bridging the gap between public and private sector pay: the gloomy facts pointing to a need for change

Posted by David Smith

In around 2010 if someone asked us how public sector pay compared to pay rates in the general market we’d have said they were about the same, if not slightly higher. Ask us now and we’ll tell you that at … Continue reading

Sorry graduates, your degree is one of the last things I’m interested in

Posted by David Smith

That title feels a bit harsh. It’s not that I’m not interested in your degree, it’s just that when I’m hiring, I’m far more interested in seeing other things. Although I’ve worked on the HR side of recruitment for many years, … Continue reading

The mobile revolution: Don’t get left behind

Posted by David Smith

I’ve never liked being late. I’m not sure why or how this affliction developed but I’m usually early for everything. So, picture the scene as a few hours ago, there I was, squashed on an underground train, with the real … Continue reading

6 New Year’s resolutions that will make a real difference to your team

Posted by David Smith

Here we are in mid-January, a couple of weeks in to the New Year and the customary time of self-reflection, contemplation and good intentions. Even if you don’t always say them out aloud, I suspect most of us have thought about … Continue reading

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