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Caroline Wrobel

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Let’s get Digital!

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

When I think back to my childhood and compare it to what kids of today have – it’s a whole new world! My younger days consisted of rushing home after school to play ‘Turtle Graphics’ on a very large Personal … Continue reading

A New Year health boost

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

What is it about a New Year that sets everyone into a frenzy over diets, better management of health and new years’ resolutions to manage work-life balance over the coming year? Then by February 1st it’s all forgotten.   When UK … Continue reading

‘Tis the season to be giving

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

According to consumers Microsoft is top of the ‘nice’ list.  Employees who volunteer in charity work are more effective (engaged and enabled), and have a more positive view of their work environment than those who don’t volunteer.  So make sure the … Continue reading

Do managers need a ‘fit note’?

Posted by Caroline Wrobel

The ‘fit note’ was introduced in April 2010 with the view to support employers and employees with guidance as to employee’s fitness to work.  Although this relates to sickness and absence, it got me thinking about how similar the ‘fit … Continue reading

Is it time HR had a face-lift?

Posted by Caroline Wrobel


Many companies still struggle to shake the age-old perception of “everyone hates HR”, but with an ever-growing need for companies to drive business performance through people, what is it that HR can be doing to operate as true strategic partners? … Continue reading


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