Carl Sjostrom

Carl Sjostrom

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Can executive reward influence boardroom diversity?

Posted by Carl Sjostrom

There’s nothing new in the argument that it’s morally positive to promote diversity, or that it makes business sense to draw strength from different backgrounds and experiences in an organization. Yet as Hay Group’s Non Executive Directors in Europe 2013 … Continue reading

When executive incentives go bad

Posted by Carl Sjostrom

For me, arguing against a link between executive pay and performance is like arguing against motherhood and apple pie. After all, you hire an executive to perform for your business – so why not pay them for how well they … Continue reading

Why the cap doesn’t fit

Posted by Carl Sjostrom

Take emotion and politics out of the equation and the argument for capping bankers’ bonuses doesn’t add up, says Hay Group’s Carl Sjostrom. Ask any passer-by if they agree with the EU’s move to limit bankers’ bonuses (and, now, to … Continue reading


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