Ariya Furkfon

Ariya Furkfon

Ariya Furkfon has intensive experience in both private and government organization especially in Energy, Banking and Aviation sector. He is recognized as an experienced consultant in building organization effectiveness, which includes Job Analysis, Job Design, Organization Structure Design, Workforce Planning as well as Value Based Management in Thailand. He can be reached at

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Part 4 | People management

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

In the aviation business, each airline has a different definition of talent in “Knowledgeable talent” and “Good-minded talent” perspective. This is why each airline has different characteristics and structure. Starting from the definition of its “Talent” for Low Cost Carriers … Continue reading

Part 3 | Redesigning work process

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

In the previous article, Ariya revealed the importance of how human resource management impacts business competitiveness in the aviation industry. Today he explains the strategy to decrease Cost of Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) in Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) comparing to Full … Continue reading

Part 2 | Business competitiveness

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

From the previous article, Ariya Furkfon, Managing Consultant at Hay Group, revealed that great human resource management makes the difference in airline industry. Today he reveals the competitiveness of the airline industry. In the beginning, the industry had limited airline … Continue reading

Great people management makes the difference

Posted by Ariya Furkfon

If anybody asks whether human resource management is important, we believe no one will reply ‘no’ because machines definitely will not be able to function without people. But if anybody asks how it is important to the business, there are … Continue reading


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