Talent selection, management and retention

Design the best jobs for IT people: Applications Development

Posted by Vincent Milich

Every company has an Information Technology (IT) function, and one would think that the structure and roles within IT would have been “standardized” by now.   But nothing is further from the truth.   Because of the needs of different companies and … Continue reading

Diversity Executive magazine: Follow the female leader (an excerpt)

Posted by Ruth Malloy

Managing complex, cross-boundary relationships and initiatives in a matrix organization takes a different set of skills than leading in a traditional hierarchical system. Hay Group’s 2012 “Effectively Leading in the Matrix” research — based on interviews with matrix leaders — … Continue reading

Innovate at Maximum Speed: 5 Tips

Posted by Susan Snyder

The world is changing faster than ever and companies large and small are struggling to keep up. Customers are demanding new, innovative products and services; employees are being asked to produce better, faster results; and technology is accelerating workflow and … Continue reading

How to hire Generation Y

Posted by David Smith

We were delighted to team up with Guardian newspaper recently on some research of graduates and the graduate schemes offered by employers.  This is the latest in a long line of articles I have read recently about the group often … Continue reading

Reward in small business: What does best practice look like for them?

Posted by David Smith

One of the occupational hazards in my job is that you can get slightly side-tracked reading stories about the practices of leading companies.  Reading our insight about what should be done can sometimes distract from what is actually done in … Continue reading

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