Employee engagement and performance

Setting your employee survey targets in 2014

Posted by Joana Vianna

It’s that time of the year when people analyze what they accomplished in 2013 and finalize exciting plans and next steps for the year ahead. It is no different for organizations. January is a month when HR teams are focused … Continue reading

6 New Year’s resolutions that will make a real difference to your team

Posted by David Smith

Here we are in mid-January, a couple of weeks in to the New Year and the customary time of self-reflection, contemplation and good intentions. Even if you don’t always say them out aloud, I suspect most of us have thought about … Continue reading

Rise of the machines in 2014?

Posted by Sam Dawson

So, it’s 2014. Given that in my younger days the setting for the Sci-Fi series Space1999 seemed way off in the distant future, 2014AD seems positively space-age. That must be one of the reasons I spent many hours on Boxing … Continue reading

Ever tried to build an igloo with the wrong kind of snow?

Posted by Stephen Lams

Tough, right?  It falls apart in your hands. It won’t bind.  It has no structure, no strength, and no staying power (if you prefer a sunny beach at this time of year, you also need the right kind of sand … Continue reading

How to keep your people “up” when pay increases are down

Posted by Nick Boulter

For anyone who hasn’t yet seen our salary forecasts for 2014, we predict that global salary increases will be down on last year. And when you add inflationary pressures to the mix, it looks likely that many regions will see … Continue reading

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