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Rebranding the pharmaceutical sales rep? A good idea – when accompanied by real change

Posted by Ian Wilcox

You may or may not agree with the negative portrayal of the pharmaceutical sales representative in recent years. But one fact is irrefutable: the title ‘sales rep’ no longer describes how this role is evolving. Less and less are these … Continue reading

The customer is always right (in the middle)

Posted by Eric S. Pelletier

My bank never sleeps. At least that’s what they claim. Yet, whenever they interact with me they sure don’t seem very awake. That creates a problem for me (loss of time and aggravation) and for them (an unhappy customer telling … Continue reading

Want to double your pay? Think about a move to Asia

Posted by Wendy Nicholls

We all know that for many multinationals, Asia is the place to be. But this means that there’s a huge demand for talented people and not enough of them to go around. And for HR this presents a real challenge: … Continue reading

Business in the UAE is booming, so why is national unemployment so high?

Posted by Jan Marsli

As the business center of the Middle East, and thanks to a strong economy, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to attract hordes of expatriates looking to earn a tax-free salary and fast track their careers. However what comes as … Continue reading

Pharma deals don’t have to threaten innovation

Posted by Ian Wilcox

In pharma, the big story of the spring and summer has been M&A. The drama began in April with an asset swap between GSK and Novartis. The most recent headline grabbers have been inversion deals like AbbVie’s $54 billion acquisition … Continue reading

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