Executing strategy

Why it’s essential to anticipate and manage competencies in IT

Posted by David Muhlmann

The combination of globalization with the growth of IT in business is changing all jobs. At the same time, it’s increasing the expectations and needs of technology users. These trends are bringing the most profound change to IT itself – … Continue reading

Leadership in local government: time for a culture of risk-taking and entrepreneurship

Posted by Emma Cornwall

Risk-takers, entrepreneurs, commercially savvy, collaborative networkers, place shapers, visionary (but humble and authentic) leaders. Just add ‘walk on water’ and you have a pretty intimidating list of attributes that today’s local government leaders are expected to have and display. The … Continue reading

The small bang theory

Posted by Douglas Ferguson

Big, bold change is the recipe for success, right? Even better, bigger and faster changes. That would be fine if it were possible or true for most of us mere mortals. Yes, big change can, does and should occur. However, … Continue reading

Are they worth it?

Posted by Paul Lambert

Typically, businesses spend too much on leaders and not enough on the critical operational roles that are essential to making strategy happen. How can you make sure your workforce investment is in line with your business plans? In this fifth … Continue reading

Where’s best for your business?

Posted by Sivaramakrishnan Balasubramanian

Onshore, nearshore or even reshore? Centralized or decentralized? The best mix of locations for your business depends on many different factors. What’s important is to make sure that you have the right people in the right places to deliver your … Continue reading

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