David Smith

David Smith

David Smith is sector leader for the public sector and Not for Profit area within Hay Group’s Productized Services. His team provide organisations with robust tools and insights to help them select, retain, reward and develop their employees. David has supported the public sector for over 10 years, working on talent and performance management projects across local government, police and beyond. He has developed and launched new HR software applications and is passionate about how technology can streamline processes in the sector. David is a Business, IT and Management graduate. Contact Email: Tel: +44 020 7856 7049

Author's latest blog articles

The talent exodus: why now is the time to protect your business

Posted by David Smith

Have companies become complacent about talent retention in the last few years? Yes, there will always be those technical specialists or company superstars that are wrapped in cotton wool, but what about the others? Are we investing less in the rest? Let’s … Continue reading

Harness the potential of your people: Why ‘Big Data’ needs to be the next big project for HR.

Posted by David Smith

Does the HR department need to catch up with other parts of the business when it comes to collecting and making sense of ‘big data’?  I’m guessing most companies can probably analyse every chunk of sales revenue by product.  Some … Continue reading

Getting derailed. When personality blocks potential.

Posted by David Smith

I have managed to avoid the latest series of The Apprentice.  It can sometimes be entertaining and sometimes even insightful but for the main part it feels to me more like tightly-scripted soap opera than any kind of business world … Continue reading

Adapt or die: How to find and nurture creative talent.

Posted by David Smith

In 2006 I started work for a provider of online recruitment technology and services.  Back then we were constantly evangelizing about the need for recruiters to wake up to the power of the web.  Clients were starting to see demonstrable … Continue reading

The winning combination: How to get the best out of your team

Posted by David Smith

I have an odd fascination with those programmes where people sit around discussing football.  I have been known to switch this stuff on at 10am on a Saturday and turn it off again about 8 hours later.  If you’ve never … Continue reading

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